ATTIC – Return Of The Witchfinder

ATTIC – Return Of The Witchfinder
VΓ‘n Records
Released Year:
1. The Covenant2. Darkest Rites3. Hailstorm and Tempest4. The Thief's Candle5. Return of the Witchfinder6. Offerings to Baalberith7. Azrael8. Up in the Castle9. The Baleful Baron10. Synodus Horrenda

Well, look what the cat dragged in. ATTIC is one of the bands that emerged from the mid 00’s “retro movement”, an era when new bands tried to bring back the 80’s metal sound. A lesser known band, not only they emerged a couple of years after the “movement’s” birth, but also they have released only two albums in twelve years. Yet, both albums areΒ  magnifiscent examples of what a musician can compose when he lives in appartment with KING DIAMOND/MERCYFUL FATE posters all over!

Seven years have passed since the bands second album, and frankly, I missed these occult chaps. Therefore I was highly pleased when I heard that they are back with a vengance: a new album full of occult classic metal. Having a brief encounter with their earlier works, I listened this album feeling that these stubborn Germans would not stray off the MF/KD path they have choose to follow. And I was certainly right: “Return of the Witchfinder” is a solid album of retro occult metal, played on a modern perspective: From the first seconds of “Darkest Rites” its clear that ATTIC know what they are doing: riff driven songs that serve as a platform to the insane theatrical vocals of Meister Cagliostro: deep, shrieking, wailing, with the beloved KING DIAMONDish falsetto screams that all of us, fans of MF/KD love and miss. Quite intriguing I’d say, since there are moments when I thought I was listening to the new KD album.

However, ATTIC are more than copycats. They keep close to their fundamental influences while they try to become more adventurous than their previous albums. Without straying off
the classic metal path, they add touches of black metal music, for example the songs “The Thief’s Candle“, “Synodus Horrenda” or parts from “Hailstorm and Tempest“, mostly in the form of massive drumming or slow eerie moments.

As it is expected, ATTIC‘s influences, putting aside MC/KD, include bands like PORTRAIT, HELL or THEM (before they become funny). As I mentioned, there is a modern
perspective in their retro sound, but don’t sweat, the album is classic and the lack of innovation is counterbalanced by the inspired songwritting and stellar performances: songs are powerful, riffs are striking and vocals are possessing. Songs like “Azrael“, “The Baleful Baron” or the absolute highlight “Return of the Witchfinder” are massive: dark riffs with otherwordly lead harmonies, brutal bass/drumming and an ongoing insanity. There are no fillers in this one, only killers, making the seven year wait totally worth it.

In conclusion, this is an essential album if you are into occult classic metal. It brings out the best elements from classic bands, MF/KD, and newer acts like PORTAIT and HELL, and I firmly believe that it will establish ATTIC as a leading band in the scene.

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