NIGHTRIDER – Rock Machine

NIGHTRIDER – Rock Machine
Released Year:
1. Vanishing Point2. Hard Driving Metal Machine3. Knightmare4. Stranger In A Strange Land5. Get Up Or Get Out6. Power Of Passion7. Rockin' Down The Night8. Not About You9. Hard Livin'10. Let Me Move Into You11. Open Road12. Take The Lead

NIGHTRIDER from New Hampshire, USA have been around since 1980. During the 80s they have been on the process of composing and recording their originals -and some covers-, of course they did live shows and all the usual stuff that a band after the rock ‘n’ roll dream does.

They did some recordings during the early 80s and this particular 1984 “Skrog Seasons” demo recording at Sound Design Studios in Milford, NH in which they presented some of their originals. Yes the originals were there, but no official album release for them. No justice in this world my friends, no justice…

In 1990 they have finally managed to put out “The Mystic One” tape which included the material that the band recorded from August 1989 to November 1990 at Mystic, Connecticut’s Indigo Studios.

In 2014 there was a compilation CD released by the Greek label Cult Metal Classics that featured lots of stuff from the band’s archives, actually covering their 1980-1984 period.

The band still remains active and guess what they have just released their “Rock Machine” album which is actually their third release -yes I include the compilation-.

NIGHTRIDER‘s music is an excellent crossover between Melodic Metal and Hard Rock. This was always their musical direction and they are actually going on this way on their newest release.

Their installment will bring into your mind the mighty RIOT‘s pre Thundersteel period, but even some moments from their later albums as well. So I guess that you know understand very well this crossover between Melodic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock I am referring to, right?

The album includes newly composed tracks like “Hard Driving Metal Machine”, “Not About You” and “Vanishing Point” -the band actually released those three as digital singles-. It also includes many re recordings of NIGHTRIDER classics such as “Knightrider”, “Stranger In A Strange Land” and “Power Of Passion”. There is also the “You Can’t See The Sun” bonus track included which comes straight from the band’s 1990 archives, anyone who would get the album from the band’s bandcamp page would get this gift.

Here we deal with some first class stuff in terms of songwriting. The more time you would spend on NIGHTRIDER stuff the more you would begin to wonder why this band didn’t get a massive record deal? Ok the 90s where hard and someone may agree that on that particuar time where their “The Mystic One” tape was out, the musical industry was not focused to the Melodic Metal moniker of this band. But boy, they were also active on the 80s… And they could have reached high tops…

Anyway the big deal is that they are still active and they are releasing their music officially, giving to everyone the chance to enjoy their high class Melodic Metal / Hard Rock.

All the material was recorded from January 2016 until July 2019 at Wildman Studios (Nashua, NH) and Tips Up Tavern Studios (Woodstock, NH). And I can assure you that there is a huge job done on the final sound result. This is an amazing production that finally does justice to those classics.

Do not miss this album. And Play it loud. It really deserves it.


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