Royal Orphan - Royal Orphan (EP, 2018)


Label: Independent
Released Year: 2018
Type: EP


  1. In Requiem
  2. Lost in Time
  3. Lights, Camera, Nothing
  4. Citizens of Nowhereville
  5. Fondest Wish
  6. Bought and Sold

ROYAL ORPHAN from Long Island, New York is a new band consisting of two members: Brendan Kelly, who sings, plays the guitar and the bass, while Joey Migz is doing all the drumming. They started their ROYAL ORPHAN saga back in 2017 but they existed since the late 80s under various different names.

On their debut same titled EP they deliver an amazing mixture of Progressive / US Power Metal with some classic Heavy Metal touches here and there. I am actually very pleased to see such kind of music to be released nowadays by new bands.

Overall their sound reminds me very much of the sound moniker that the mighty HEIR APPARENT used to have on their “Graceful Inheritance” debut. Ok the ROYAL ORPHAN stuff sound a little bit darker but this can be mentioned only as a positive feature.

Their amazing songwriting abilities is what I would point as one of the most important features on this album. Here we would be able to listen songs that would stick in our minds, thanks to the amazing – as complex as needed – riffing and the exciting vocal melodies. The “In Requiem” track is a great song writing example and if you listen to it just once you could skip my written analysis (not).

Their rhythm section is adventurous and complex as well, it provide the songs with that Prog touch which is mixed with the music Heavy and Power Metal basis and the result if of course very interesting!

The vocal melodies is the strongest feature in here. It is THAT feature that turns the songs into really memorable tunes. Brendan’s voice is amazing, and the melodies he delivers even better!

All in all here we got a great release that deserves all our support. You would better stop posting crap on facebook and move on to order some well played private steel. You will not get disappointed and YES you would once more realize that the hope for Metal comes from USA and from talented bands like ROYAL ORPHAN.

Checkout ROYAL ORPHAN’s Interview:

If I had to, I’d say we’re heavy metal for people who know a thing or two about music.