Satan - Cruel Magic

SATAN - Cruel Magic

Label: Metal Blade Records
Released Year: 2018
Type: Full-length


  1. Into the Mouth of Eternity
  2. Cruel Magic
  3. The Doomsday Clock
  4. Legions Hellbound
  5. Ophidian
  6. My Prophetic Soul
  7. Death Knell for a King
  8. Who Among Us
  9. Ghosts of Monongah
  10. Mortality

SATAN are back with a record that is not to be missed. Their previous couple of works – after their 2013 comeback -, speak the truth when it comes to the fact that this band is still able to deliver inspired, well played and powerful guitar-driven metal, while staying true to its NWOBHM roots. And “Cruel Magic” does not falsify this truth.

Relying – as per usual – on fast tempos, SATAN build their music using outstanding riffing, magnificent guitar lead parts and vocal melodies that complete their electric puzzle. Actually, you can not stop listening more and more guitar parts in this album! They are everywhere. “Mini” leads, extra melodic fillings, double, and even triple guitar themes are in present in almost every part of every song.

On a different note, I strongly believe this band is still capable of delivering fantastic music even when they slow down a bit. The best songs of the album IMHO are the two last ones,“Ghosts of Monongah” and “Mortality”, where the band showcases its NWOBHM magic, mixed slightly with some vintage Heavy / Prog touches which I really enjoyed. You can find nice melodies in there too. And great vocals. Yeah, OK, you know that: Brian Ross‘ voice is a trademark.

Speaking about vintage, I couldn’t help but making a mention to the overall sound production and point out the fantastic job that has been done on that front as well. This warm late 70’s sound on the guitars… you’re going to love it like I did. A fine balance between heaviness and warm brightness. This sound rocks.

Go and catch the latest SATAN album, you will not regret it.