SCORCHER – Systems of Time

SCORCHER – Systems of Time
Steel Gallery Records
Released Year:
1. Nightwatch2. War Terror3. Shadowing4. Wired Nature5. Systems of Time6. Words like Fire7. Void8. In the End9. Remembrance

SCORCHER is one of the well hidden and most precious secrets of the Greek metal scene. Founded by guitarist/singer Vangelis “Tex” Tekas they have already released two solid albums of genuine U.S. metal “made in Greece” and we are lucky enough to enjoy another album before 2018 is over.

So, after struggling with the line up changes (it’s actually a one-man band but in the third album mr. Tekas’ younger brother Chris took up the bass duties) SCORCHER has managed to release his third album called “Systems of Time”. And if you are asking yourselves what the album sounds like just imaging an blend of JUDAS PRIEST, MEGADETH (in their less thrash, more heavy moments) with some touches of JAG PANZER, HELSTAR, VICIOUS RUMORS and IRON MAIDEN.

To give you some more details, most of the songs are guitar driven with sharp riffs and screaming leads. While the majority of the songs are quite straightforward, some of them do have some prog/tech elements especially in the bridges or the choruses which makes them pretty interesting. For example, my favorite song of the album “Wired Nature” infiltrates a lot into the early ANNIHILATOR area reminding a lighter and less paranoiac HELSTAR while the title track as it progresses it unfolds a lot of inspiration drawn from the 90’s – 00’s scene (dare to say SPIRIT WEB? DESTINY’S END? NEW EDEN?)

There are some other songs that have a more catchy / melodic approach, like “Words Like Fire” or “Nightwatch”, without loosing their power metal vibe and let’s not forget that the album delves deeply into the 80’s without becoming another stereotypical retro blatant record. The production is quite heavy. I really love the organic sound of the guitars and the “live” feeling of the songs. After all the production was made by Kosta Vreto and Tex. Vretps also mixed the album, the mastering was done by Kostas Scandalis. Both Vretos and Scandalis associated with WARDRUM, so yes, the sound is huge in here, as you would expect it to be.

The only negative I can think of is the lack of a full band. As with all one-man projects, I do believe that a full-time band would elevate the songs to a higher lever. Yet the album is both well composed and performed and can stand on its own.

To sum up, if you are into U.S. metal do not miss this.

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