CRYSTAL EYES – Starbourne Traveler

CRYSTAL EYES – Starbourne Traveler
Massacre Records
Released Year:
1. Gods of Disorder2. Side by Side3. Extreme Paranoia (re-recorded)4. Starbourne Traveler Corridors of Time Paradise Powerlord5. Into the Fire6. In the Empire of Saints Midnight Radio7. Rage on the Sea (re-recorded)

CRYSTAL EYES is one of those band I have been following quite closely. Since their debut album “World of Black and Silver” came out i have been a loyal fan and followed their course throughout the years. I was really sad when the band entered a longtime hiatus after “Chained” album and really excited when the came back with “Killer” which was actually a killer album.

Well five years after “Killer” the band is back with another album called “Starbourne Traveler“, stating that they are both alive and ready for ass kicking. The album’s first single “Side by side” as a very energetic song with a RUNNING WILD vibe that it is spread throughout the album. So this means that CRYSTAL EYES left their melodic side in favor of speedy songs. It is true, yet the album has a large variety of tunes.

As I already mentioned “Side by side” depicts the band’s Teutonic Metal influences along with songs like the first track “Gods of Disorder” and “Into the Fire” which reminded me of “Wild Frontier” (don’t ask by whom) while other tracks like the title song, “Corridors of Time“, “Paradise Power lord” explore the bands earlier influences like JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and of course ACCEPT.

Midnight Radio” has a more retro hard-rocking vibe (like “Dogs on Holy Ground” from the band’s previous album) and certainly no CRYSTAL EYES album is complete without a ballad: “In the Empire of Saints” continue the band’s tradition with emotional, powerful melodic songs (too bad it is not in the end but anyway).

There are also two re-recordings from the band’s first album -“Extreme Paranoia” & “Rage On The Sea“-, since the master tapes are long lost and there is no chance to be re-released with modern sound. Both songs have been powered up, sound modern yet a little less obscure but it is normal.

I should mention that every composition is carefully processed. Michael Dahl is a seasoned musician and knows what he is doing. Therefore you will hear the typical CRYSTAL EYES anthemic, catchy choruses but you will also hear excellent guitar themes and a tight band. Moreover after so many years Dahls vocals have their own identity. Though he is not a perfect singer he is experienced enough to use his voice carefully.

You cannot go wrong with CRYSTAL EYES. They have never released a mediocre album and never strayed off their path. If you are looking for an entertaining album with a shitload of great songs this is for you.

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