DARK NIGHTMARE – The Dark Demo Years

DARK NIGHTMARE – The Dark Demo Years
Steel Gallery Records
Released Year:
1. Dragonlakes2. The Blood Land3. Defenders Of The Borderland4. Touch Of Winter (Intro)5. Hawks Of War6. Despair And Hope7. The Quest8. Procurers9. Earth In Danger10. Caught In The Snowly Forest11. Somewhere Kill A Little Boy12. Nightmare13. Come To Reality14. Destruction Of Nature15. Despair And Hope (Live)16. Defenders Of The Borderland (Live)17. Hawks Of War (Live)

Without doubt DARK NIGHTMARE is one of the most important active bands of the Greek Epic / Power Metal scene.

Their music and their overall attitude are often mentioned as main influences by various bands of our era. Started back in 1999, they released three demos: “Dark Nightmare” (2001), “Earth in Danger” (2003) and “The Blood Land” (2004).

Throughout those three releases DARK NIGHTMARE evolved their trademark sound, being one of the very first bands from Northern Greece to lead a rising wave of newcomers to the 00s Greek Heavy Metal underground.

It is now time for this legendary material to be reissued officially. STEEL GALLERY Records is giving shape to a release that captures the magic of the band’s early years.

On their first two demos (released back in 2001 and 2003) DARK NIGHTMARE presented a very interesting mix of classic Heavy and Power Metal. The vocals and the guitar leads are top features on this very early compositions of a band that makes some serious first steps. But even from those primitive example of DARK NIGHTMARE-ish music, the quality of the songwriting, really signs.

However I must point that the band’s real opus have began on their third demo: “The Blood Land” was released back on 2004 and In this particular release the band focused even more on Epic forms -both in the songwriting and the lyrics- presenting one of the most important demos of the Greek Heavy Metal scene of the 00s.

All the above material have been gathered on a release that to many of us is a travel back in time. A travel to the early 00s when there was all this Heavy Metal underground revival taking place around Greece.

There is a huge improvement that has been done to the sound of those early demo recordings, thanks to the amazing remastering that has been done. Even the live bonus tracks that are included, are sounding loud and clear. There are many unreleased photos for someone to check out plus all the lyrics of all the songs. The liner notes included are describing the band’s story during this particular early era (1999-2004).

DARK NIGHTMARE are still active, but I think their early years is one of the most important parts on their story. Many people were asking for an official reissue of their early demos and not it is finally happening. So grab your sword and onward to the Dragonlakes!

The release will be available on July 23rd. You can pre-order it here.


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