MIRROR – The Day Bastard Leaders Die

MIRROR – The Day Bastard Leaders Die
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1. Infernal Deceiver2. Souls of Megiddo3. Savage Tales4. All Streets Are Evil5. Fire and Hell6. Stand Fight Victory7. Sleepy Eyes of Death8. Demon Candles9. The Day Bastard Leaders Die

MIRROR: The international Heavy Metal project featuring members of ARMAGEDDON REV 16:16, GREAT COVEN, SOLITARY SABRED, WINTER’S VERGE and more, is back. Oh yeah I know you are noticing many bands from Cyprus on the above list and in fact Cyprus has became the band’s basis the last years.

Ok things are going to get nasty with this one. MIRROR is one of those numerous bands that have appeared during the recent renaissance of classic metal and they have been around for some time now, since this one is their third full length album. To be honest, I haven’t heard their previous efforts, however I have seen them performing impressively at “Into Battle Festival” a couple of years ago and I was curious if they sound as powerful at the studio. And they sure do.

“Today the Bastard Leaders Die” is a stellar, solid album of classic heavy metal fueled by the early days of the movement (that would be late 70’s or early 80’s) especially from bands like MERCYFUL FATE, IRON MAIDEN (DiAnno era), BLACK SABBATH or JUDAS PRIEST. This means heavy riffs blend with memorable guitar melodies and distinctive vocals. And while Mirror’s style doesn’t stray of the usual stuff that we tend to listen nowadays, they manage to sound original, even inspired. Guitar harmonies and leads are essential in the song progression and not sprinkles that were added afterwards just for the “retro sound”. In fact, songs sound as a product of collective effort, a spontaneous band jam where every member adds a little bit of himself.

I should mention that Jimmy’s vocals are the highlight of the album. He sounds, powerful, melodramatic, even obscure at some point, with a theatrical vibe that elaborates the songs. Listen to (my favorite track) “Stand, Fight, Victory” or “The Streets are Evil” where the vocals aggressively flirt with STRYPER, SAVATAGE and other American acts.

The rest of the members of this international project are doing a hell of a job as well.

While the production has the flatness that seems to dominate the classic metal sound nowadays, it has a sweet retro feeling that makes the album enjoyable. Combined with highlights like “Stand, Fight, Victory”, “Savage Tales” or “Sleepy Eyes of Death” we have an album that could easily make it to the annual top ten.

I’d dare to say that this is MIRROR’s breakthrough album. The band has put (as always) lots of effort on this one and have cultivated a modern classic. Don’t miss it.

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