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Latent Fury - Arkeyn Steel Records

LATENT FURY / ION VEIN – Demo 1991 / Beyond Tomorrow

We travel back to 1989, when guitarist Chris Lotesto armed with a handful of songs puts up an ad at the local music store...

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SACRAL NIGHT – Le Diadème d’ Argent

The French metal scene was always full of surprises. Although, seldom French speaking bands managed to rise outside the borders of their country, especially...


I guess that for the readers of Forgotten Scroll, ETERNAL CHAMPION from Austin, Texas, US, need no special introduction. Their “Armor of Ire” debut is already identified as a classic on the Epic Metal genre. They are about to march into battle again, releasing a second album called "Ravening Iron", so yes, this is a good chance for a discussion with the band's singer Jason Tarpey.