HARDRAW – Abyss of Mankind

HARDRAW – Abyss of Mankind
Pitch Black Records
Released Year:
1. The Cry of Persaina2. Hunter x Hunted3. Crime Reborn4. Abyss of Mankind5. The Path6. Crimson Lake7. Second Coming8. The Riddle Disciples

HARDRAW are no newcomers, since “Abyss of Mankind” is their second album, after 2012’s “Night of the Wolf”. Still, a lot of time has passed with many changes in the band’s members. However, most of you know Nikolas “Sprits” Moutafis because you have already heard his great guitar work in MIRROR, SOLITARY SABRED and MARCH TO DIE. In MIRROR you’ve heard Jimmy Mavrommatis‘ roaring voice too. Some of you may also have heard the pounding drumming of Vangelis “Axeman” Moutafis in DRAGONBREATH or Adamos Adamou’s thundering bass playing in R.U.S.T.X. Finally, if you’re into epic heavy metal, it’s more than possible to have witnessed Andreas Kyriakou guitar performance in RECEIVER.

Are all these names of musicians and bands enough to entice you and give you an idea of ​​what the new HARDRAW are all about?

Well, add to all the above the participation of Gianni Nepi (DARK QUARTERER) and Harry “The Tyrant” Concklin (JAG PANZER, SATAN’S HOST) in the last track of “Abyss of Mankind” and I think all doubts will disappear for good!

So yes, we have the case of another epic/heavy band from Cyprus; and this alone could be considered an advantage, bearing in mind all the AMAZING metal groups that this country has given birth to during the last two decades!

Still, none should ever be given credit without first be put to the test. So, did HARDRAW deliver in their sophomore as one could expect from them to do?

Believe me, THEY DID!

And most important, they did it THEIR WAY!

“Abyss of Mankind” storms onto the epic metal scene with an electrifying force that shatters easily made prospects, totally defying clichés. In an era where many metal albums succumb to tired tropes and formulaic structures, HARDRAW boldly carves out their own path; eschewing the European sound in favor of a distinctly American power style, this album is all about fearless creativity and uncompromising vision.

From the moment the first notes of The Cry of Persaina reverberate through the speakers, it’s evident that HARDRAW are not here to play it safe. The opening track sets the tone with a thunderous assault of driving riffs and pounding rhythms, instantly grabbing the listener’s attention and refusing to let go. We hear the guitars exhibit a magnificent, powerful prelude for almost two minutes before Jimmy Mavrommatis’ voice offers the impressive drama of the song! What immediately stands out is the band’s mastery of their instruments, with each member contributing to a sound that is both cohesive and dynamic. “Hunter x Hunted” is a track that immediately brings to mind the sound of JAG PANZER and their likes while “Crime Reborn” that follows shares some IRON MAIDEN galloping force along with the epic greatness of traditional Hellenic metal. Self-titled “Abys of Mankind” is a totally different treat, complex in its harmonic arrangement and vaguely based on folk themes, reminded me WAR DANCE.

At the heart of the HARDRAW’s sophomore album are its well-crafted compositions, which strike a perfect balance between aggression and melody. Each song is a carefully constructed journey, taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and intensity. From the blistering speed of tracks like “The Path” to the intricate mid-tempo anthem “Second Coming” and the haunting beauty of “Crimson Lake”, HARDRAW prove their versatility and range, keeping the listener engaged from start to finish.

The highlight of the album is its BRILLIANT last track, The Riddle Disciples”, all EPIC, RAW and ELABORATE, a PERFECT tribute to the late Mark “The Shark” Shelton of the mighty MANILLA ROAD.

HARDRAW‘s second album is a tour de force of epic metal that defies expectations at every turn. There’s a palpable sense of honesty and sincerity in every note, as if the band is baring their souls for the world to see. With its raw power, inner strength, and well-executed compositions, this is not just another heavy metal album – it’s a statement of purpose from a band willing to make its own stand.

“Abyss of Mankind” was released on April 5th by Pitch Black Records on CD.

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