EMERALD EYE – Night Without Day

EMERALD EYE – Night Without Day
Released Year:
1. Tabula Viridis2. Winged Woman3. Silken Throne4. Revenge of the Being5. Whirlwind6. Feast and Famine7. Hellstar

“Melodic heavy metal from Kansas City.”

That’s a decent enough band description if you ask me; yet, humble and honest as it is, there’s a lot more to mention about EMERALD EYE’s music apart from melody and heaviness. And since they didn’t want to brag about themselves, let me say some real good words for them because they totally deserve it!

EMERALD EYE were formed in 2019. They had their two-songs demo released in 2021 and both tracks are also included in “Night Without Day”“Winged Woman” and “Revenge of The Being”, which is only another version of demo’s “The Being”.

EMERALD EYE‘s debut album is a captivating exploration of tuneful power metal with a subtly progressive edge. They are capable to seamlessly weave together a variety of influences, creating a sound that is both dynamic and melodic, merging traditional heavy metal with hard rock, all together with some strong elements of US Power Metal.

At the forefront of EMERALD EYE‘s sound is the clever use of keyboards, which adds layers of texture and atmosphere to their music. From background pulsating synths to organ and piano melodies, the keyboards play a key role in shaping the band’s soundscape, adding depth and complexity to several songs.

The vocal lines in their tracks are equally impressive, with a dramatic flair that can set them apart from other bands in the genre while the addition of choral parts adds an extra dimension to their sonic scenery. So, yeah, Brett Scott IS the man, since he is responsible for both vocals and keyboards. He delivers powerful performances, effortlessly transitioning between soaring highs and gritty lows.

However, it’s also the guitar work of Vinnie Lee Camarillo (MEATSHANK) and Christopher Ashlock that shines on this album. Their intricate riffs and crafty solos showcase an impressive level of musicianship, with almost each track featuring a lively interplay between the two of them. Nick Poffinbarger (ALSATIA) plays the bass in an exciting full-force way and Nolan Weber, with his wide-ranging background (GAROTED, CATAPHRACT and other black metal acts) seems more than fitting for the job behind the drum kit.

It’s worth noting that all members of EMERALD EYE have been bandmates in power metal group VANLADE, and their shared history undoubtedly contributes to the tightness and cohesion of their performances. This familiarity with one another allows them to push the boundaries of their sound, experimenting with more complex song structures and bold arrangements than those of VANLADE’s classic power metal style.

Instrumental “Tabula Viridis” opens the album with some nice guitar cuts and massive keyboards in a clearly power/prog style only to be followed by “Winged Woman” that sounds like a classic heavy metal song, filled with galloping rhythm, enjoyable vocal bridges and synth escorts, a catchy guitar solo and a melodic chorus; a FINE example of the whole album’s stylishness. “Silken Throne” that comes next is a solid fast-tempo powerful song which offers an elegiac development, proving to be perfect for getting its hooks on the listener. “Revenge of The Being” is slower, giving some CRIMSON GLORY and early HEIR APARRENT vibes, with Brett Scott’s voice adding some interesting edginess to mellowness while Nick Poffinbarger’s bass playing is heard dominantly throughout the song – a REALLY welcome sound indeed! “Whirlwind” follows in the same style and by the time you hear the song’s mid-section AMAZING guitar solos, you are convinced that EMERALD EYE are a true American heavy/power band that keeps the US metal flag flying!

Last two tracks, “Feast and Famine” and “Hellstar”, are by far the BEST songs in “Night Without Day”; hints of FATES WARNING, SCANNER and ARTCH are evident in these two most thought-out tracks, with sharp yet emotional guitar play combined with colorful piano/keys expression and an excellent voice performance.

Overall, EMERALD EYE‘s debut album is a VERY successful first testament to the band’s creativity and musicianship, showcasing a quite interesting approach to melodic power metal that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre.

“Night Without Day” was independently released on April 5th.

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