GRIEF COLLECTOR: Release New Album “From Dissension to Avowal” Feat. Robert Lowe [Audio]


GRIEF COLLECTOR, Doom metal band from Minnesota, have teamed up with vocalist Robert Lowe (TYRANT, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, CONCEPT OF GOD, ex-CANDLEMASS) and recently released their debut album “From Dissension to Avowal”.

The band states:

The new album called “From Dissension to Avowal” is a 5 song concept album that takes you on a journey through the 5 steps of experiencing grief. Each song represent one of those steps. “Denial”, “Anger”, “Bargaining”, “Depression”, “Acceptance”.

Slow and mid tempo grooves, monstrously heavy riffs meet emotionally charged, sad, thought provoking lyrics sung by legendary Doom Metal vocalist Robert Lowe that will personally take you From Dissension all the way To Avowal as if you experienced yourself.

Robert Lowe has a one of a kind way of expressing emotion of every lyric, Miller crushes every drum groove, Johnson unloads the doom arsenal on guitar and bass.

Collectively all 3 members have re-awakened the spirit of classic doom metal in paying tribute to all who have passed on, and to those left behind to suffer and move through the reoccurring and sometime never ending stages of Grief.

You may listen or purchase to the album on Bandcamp:

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