MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST: Release Video Trailer For Upcoming Album


MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST will release their second studio album, “Revelation”, on September 20 worldwide via Nuclear Blast. In the first album trailer, Michael Schenker and co-producer Michael Voss reveal more details about the production and the new songs.

Revelation tracklisting:

“Rock Steady”
“Under A Blood Red Sky”
“Silent Again”
“Sleeping With The Light On”
“The Beast In The Shadows”
“Behind The Smile”
“Crazy Daze”
“Lead You Astray”
“We Are The Voice”
“Headed For The Sun”
“Old Man”
“Still In The Fight”

“Armed And Ready” (live)
“Bad Boys” (live)
“Rock Bottom” (live)

Photo: Stephanie Cabral