POWER CRUE: Releases Videos From “Excileosis” Album


POWER CRUE, heavy metal band from Greece, released a couple of video clips from the band’s latest album,Β “Excileosis”. The songs are “Believe” and “Unholy Seed Of Man”.

You may watch them down below:

“Excileosis” was initially released by Metal Breed Records USAΒ in 2017.

Artwork and Tracklist:

Power Crue - Excileocis

1. Judas (Rising)
2. Believe
3. Eternity Is My Enemy
4. Illusion of Choice
5. Unholy Seed of Man
6. Walk the Earth
7. The Temple
8. Dementia
9. Heaven in Hell
10. The Garden
11. Pray (Forgiveness)
12. Born Again
13. Song of Hope
14. Dark Bridges
15. Salvation
16. Dead End
17. Excileosis
18. Coming Home