MEDIEVAL STEEL – Gods of Steel

MEDIEVAL STEEL – Gods of Steel
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1. Gods of Steel2. Kill the Pain3. Gypsy Dancer4. Soldier of Fortune5. Stargazer6. Memories7. When Mountains Fall8. Great White Warrior9. Maneater10. Satanic Garden

MEDIEVAL STEEL are back! That’s right the legendary band from the 80’s with the mythical self-titled EP is still alive and rocking with another great release. Their previous “Dark Castle” album was great, and it seems that the demand for new music motivated the band into creating “Gods of Steel”.

The album kicks off with the same title track, a powerful heavy song with a catchy chorus and heavy rhythm, however it’s the second track, the mid-tempo “Kill the Pain” that shows the band’s true intentions: to make a great classic U.S. metal album but with a modern approach.

To make things clear I should mention that if you seek a sound identical to the first EP then look somewhere else. The band, as always, draws inspiration from their early days, however they evolve their sound into a more aggressive style that keeps its classic metal vibe.

There is a diverse approach in the tracks, something that I found quite enjoyable, for example “Soldiers of Fortune”, “Satanic Garden”, “Stargazer” delve more into the band’s early days, yet other tracks like “Great White Warrior”, “Maneater”, “Gypsy Dancer” reminded me of late 80’s -early 90’s American Metal: sharper riffs and heavier guitars. The lovely ballad “Memories” stands as a link between these two styles.

I found that the album to be quite enjoyable. The songwriting is inspired, and the sound is loud and clear. There are various highlights like “Soldiers of Fortune” (my favorite song) or “Maneater” that keep the energy at high levels as the album progresses. There are some epic moments, for example the title track yet most songs are straight fast or mid-tempo metal.

I do believe that bands like MEDIEVAL STEEL, THRUST, ATTIKA, HALLOWEEN, AXEMASTER that try to evolve their sound, offer more sincere and inspired albums that bands who try to reproduce the 80’s sound, even the 80’s bad moments. And I love the fact that MEDIEVAL STEEL keep on producing quality music in 2022. Hoping for a warm welcoming of the album and even more new music soon.

The album is out as an independent digital release. It is available on all streaming platforms, more info on the band’s facebook page.

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