Alpha Centauri - Return of the Herakleids

ALPHA CENTAURI - Return of the Herakleids

Label: Eat Metal Records
Released Year: 2019
Type: EP


  1. Labyrinthus
  2. People of Wreaths

Finally. After so many years that the recordings of this project were stored in the deepest vaults, the time has come for them to be released on the daylight.

Yes a project between ZEMIAL and AGATUS members. Yes both bands have a starting point on the black metal universe, however through the years they both have presented a soundscape based on lots of epic elements. So, does the epic moments of ZEMIAL and/or AGATUS have similarities with the ALPHA CENTAURI massive sound? You may ask at first… Well, yes and no. The sure thing is that the ALPHA CENTAURI material was the first approaching on the epic metal sound by its creators, composed back on the nights when ZEMIAL and AGATUS were still breathing the black metal dragonfire.

Both ALPHA CENTAURI tracks are dark, epic heavy metal hymns. You will notice a primitive WARLORD vibe on the music. You will notice a very dark approaching bringing to the mind the most obscure MANOWAR moments. I would notice some proto epic touches as well that would bring to mind masterpieces like “From The Fjords” by the mighty LEGEND.

You will notice that very special approaching that later became really massive on the AGATUS “The Eternalist” album but here it is presented on a more obscure and pounding version.

And may I please ask if I am the only one that discovered an ASHBURY vibe on the “Labyrinthus” main vocal melody? Yes we got many interesting melodic vocal parts in both the songs. And some amazing leads. I also have to add that the drumming is amazing in here, driving the material into real high levels.

All in all ALPHA CENTAURI are offering an amazing Epic Metal experience.

The 7″ vinyl is out via Eat Metal Records. Get it fast.