VEONITY – Legend Of The Starborn

Sliptrick Records
Released Year:
1. Rise Again2. Starborn3. Guiding Light4. Winds of Asgard5. Outcasts of Eden6. Sail Away7. The Prophecy8. Warrior of the North9. Gates of Hell10. Freedom Vikings11. Lament12. To the Gods13. United We Stand14. Beyond the Horizon

Power Metal has given us some of the most beautiful and iconic songs of our music, and the good thing is it comes in all sorts of forms. Whether we’re talking about US bands like CRIMSON GLORY, their European counterparts like BLIND GUARDIAN and HELLOWEEN, or everything in between, Power Metal has always been a common ground for our kin. Bands like the ones I mentioned earlier, along with STRATOVARIOUS, RHAPSODY, HAMMERFALL, PRIMAL FEAR, etc. planted the seed during the 80’s and the 90’s, and have spawned many bands that follow their steps still to this day. As you may have guessed, VEONITY is one of these bands, and today we’re going to take a look at their latest release, “Legend of the Starborn”.

VEONITY hail from Sweden and dig the old-school european power metal scene. The so called europower metal elements are evident throughout the album, so expect anything from speedy double kick-drum action and high-pitched vocals, to harmonized guitar melodies and neoclassical solos. Despite their sheer love for europower, the band does not stay there. Throughout the album you’ll be able to spot references to bands like JUDAS PRIEST and ICED EARTH, while some symphonic parts bring to mind bands like NIGHTWISH.

Now, despite we’re talking about a power metal album, there’s quite a diversity in almost every aspect of it. You definitely get your ultra fast metal tunes, but along with that you get some great chorus hooks, beautiful acoustic passages, catchy licks, anthemic intros and melodic AOR-like vibes.

Some songs that did the trick for me were the mid-tempo pompous “Starborn”, the right-out-of-the-90’s “Winds of Asgard” and “Warriors of the North”, the ballad-like “Lament” and the anthemic “United We Stand”.

“Legend of the Starborn” is a concept album that tells the story of a viking hero that tries to save humanity from an alien race that has taken over the Earth. I know it sounds kinda cliche, but it really helps with the progression and flow of the album, as it adds one more layer of depth. It seems that power metal and concept albums go hand to hand lately.

If there’s one thing I’d do differently, that’d be the duration of the album. I’m concerned that thirteen songs running for more than 70 mins might be too much when you’re not DREAM THEATER. All in all, VEONITY did a great work with this album. There are great production values, high level of musicianship and most importantly, true love for heavy metal. If you’re really into power metal you don’t want to pass on this.

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