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1. Iron Shod Hoof of Battle2. Night Bullet3. Shadow Creeper4. Sewer Wolf5. Raptors in the Pit6. Beam of Light7. Skull Dirt8. Lightning City9. Crucial Vortex10. Steel Crusher11. Dead Horse

Indisputably this one of the best albums covers of last year. A dinosaur eradicated by a flaming skull. Yes, it is cool, and it should set you up for what you are about to hear. HUMUNGUS is a U.S. metal band that plays this particular Speed / Thrash / Heavy style that I really love.

The have been around for quite some time and this one is their second album, and apparently one of the hidden gems of last year.

While they are often categorized under the style of Thrash Metal the band’s sound is quite elusive: From Speed / Thrash shrieks to more Melodic / Classic Metal stuff, the songs seem to be both diverse and homogeneous.

Should I seek some obvious influences I’d go for FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, and a blend of AGENT STEEL, ANTHRAX, ANVIL, RISK, HOLY TERROR, (early era) ICED EARTH and similar stuff. However, the sound implies that the band secretly listens to some new acts as well like LICH KING, MEGA COLOSSUS or STRIKER.

I found it very interesting that most of the songs are inspired by the late 80’s early 90’s Speed / Thrash Metal sound, yet the band manages to create quite a personal style.

Almost all the songs are faster than a speeding bullet with some interesting riffing and tremendous shredding leads. Τhe vocals were surprisingly good: a little Alan Tecchio here, a little John Cyriis there and a touch of madness everywhere to spice it up.

Highlights of the album are the speedy “Sewer Wolf”, “Steel Crusher”, “Lightning City” and “Iron Shod Hoof of Battle”. The album progresses very smoothly, and I never found myself snoring during the listening.

Therefore, you have it! A great surprise from the States for all Speed / Thrash maniacs out there. Don’t miss this one!

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