PREDICADOR – In Tenebris

PREDICADOR – In Tenebris
Metal Crusaders
Released Year:
1. In Tenebris (Intro)2. Noche de difuntos3. Circulo de brujas4. La mansión5. El brujo (El carnicero de Blaviken)6. Haunted House7. Imperio del metal

One of the saddest realizations of the modern metal scene is that shock rock bands tend to be fewer each year. While there are huge mainstream artists like MARILYN MANSON or SLIPKNOT, there are not enough underground bands that combine theatrical stage show, gimmicks and classic metal music. Quoting LIZZY BORDEN, I’d say that it is a dying art, however bands like PREDICADOR try to keep the flame alive!

PERICADOR were formed in 2011 in Spain by vocalist Jaime Garcia and have been quite active since then. They have already released an album called “Grave Metallum” and this year they have returned with their second album “In tenebris”.

Everyone who is familiar with the classic metal scene should know that Latin is one of the most popular languages, second only to English. Bands from the Iberian Peninsula and south America tend to favor their native language, something I have always found quite intriguing. From the legends BARON ROJO and ZARPA to TIERRA SANTA and MAGO DE OZ, Latin-languaged band have always been fascinating and emit a certain charm. And like them PREDICADOR have their own charm when they combine both shock rock with Latin lyrics.

PREDICADOR’s music is heavy influenced by classic metal acts like MERCYFUL FATE, IRON MAIDEN, GRAVE DIGGER while they are not oblivious of Latin legends like BARON ROJO and OBUS.

The songs are riff driven with various tempo changes and climatic melodic catchy choruses which give them a certain hard rockish aura. They do sound like heavier MERCYFUL FATE or less teutonic GRAVE DIGGER while Jaime Garcia’s vocals have a certain ominous aggression that adds to the album’s notoriety. The guitar work is masterful and the only drawback I could find was the fact the album is only 30 minutes. I surely wanted more!

Should I choose a highlight that would be the starting track “Noche de Difuntos” and the single “El Brujo (El Carnicero de Blaviken)” while the track “Haunted house” is sung in English, decent effort but I’d fancy Spanish lyrics.

The excellent cover art is done by José Antonio Vives and I do believe that it’s one of the nicest album covers of the year.

Give this album a listen and support the band. PREDICADOR try their best to offer something original and their music is way above the sea of mediocrity that has engulfed the music scene.

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