Silver Talon - Becoming a Demon

SILVER TALON - Becoming A Demon

Label: Independent
Released Year: 2018
Type: Full-length


  1. Breath of Kerosene (Intro)
  2. Devil Machine
  3. Silver Talon
  4. Speed of the Night
  5. Cold Embrace
  6. Warriors' End
  7. Battle Angels
  8. Outro (Estudio)

This EP was a nice surprise. I was in the mood for some classic Metal and boom here it is, someone heard my prayers. Coming from Portland, Oregon, US, Silver Talon is actually a new band created by former members of Spellcaster and Sanctifyre.

However we should not straightly compare the Silver Talon material to the above bands. You see both Spellcaster and Sanctifyre were actually mixing their Heavy Metal with lots of Speed Metal stuff, on the other hand Silver Talon, remain mainly to the classic Heavy Metal vibe.

They for sure carry some -little- Speed Metal breaking on their sound, but I would consider the German Teutonic Heavy Metal genre as their first main influence, while the straight and melodic classic Heavy Metal genre is their second main influence. If you listen carefully to their leads you will even discover some neoclassical vibes which makes their sound even more interest.

Songs mainly in faster tempo, based on hammering riffing and catchy choruses. This is the kind of Metal that we should all enjoy to listen on a club, fast, loud and Heavy. I still wonder for what fucking reason Zippo is not writing this review!

Well, well the above points are mainly about the three first songs of the EP -“Devil Machine”, “Silver Talon”, “Speed of The Night”, however we got two more songs on the EP. On “Cold Embrace” they are even approaching a dark – semi-Prog touch, that reminded me of good old Sanctuary. The same goes for their “Warrior’s End” song -which was the first recorded result we have heard by those newcomers-. An excellent epic composition which is however based on an almost prog main theme and a catchy chorus.

What I also have to point here is that the band has done an excellent job on their song structures, something that I was not expecting from a band of such genre to tell you the truth. On a usual case one of the -many- newcomers delivering that Classic Heavy Metal inspired stuff, would simply put some riffs one next to the other, quickly transforming them into complete songs. Silver Talon are not going this way. They would carefully handle their riffing parts, they would add breakings, they would emphasize in their leads and choruses, making the final result of each and every song, really interesting.

Last but not least there is a cover version to the Sanctuary classic “Battle Angels” it is quite OK and the singer shows that he can reach an even higher vocal range. I hope he will use it more often on the future!

Well here we got an interesting debut by a band that has some good and high quality Steel to offer. Check them out for sure!