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1. Prisoner of Time2. Control3. Recover4. Prepare for Chaos5. Slowly Insane6. Architects of Hate7. Demolition Man8. Unwelcome Surprise9. Snake Eye10. Survive11. Good or Bad12. The End

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM need no introduction and – especially after their 2016 reboot of their prominent sound – anyone who is not familiar with them should better buy the new TOKIO HOTEL album since it will suit him more.

“The End of Chaos” is their new album and frankly if it was a movie, it would be “Friday the 13th: Part.2” which is actually better than the first one. Yes, the Flots are here to stay with this one: Twelve tracks of brilliantly written/performed/recorded heavy/power/thrash metal that will make an impact. But lets get into it.

I do believe that the Flots have managed to find the golden recipe for power/thrash metal, blending elements from both genres: the riff dominated heavy songs with a thrash speed and a couple of thrash modifications. Which actually means that the songs are too thrashy for traditional heavy listeners and too melodic for the hardcore thrash audience. Yet their never ending walloping riffs will stand out from the standardized mass of new albums.

Their unrelenting metallic vibe is massive: almost all songs are fast paced with galloping drums and soaring guitar themes. Influences vary from JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN to SLAYER and ANTHRAX while the 35 year experience of the band (only Erik A.K. and Michael Gilbert are original members yet the rest of the band are veterans in the scene) helps them not to become repetitive.

Listen to “Prisoner of Time” a modern heavy/power/thrash songs with a catchy chorus while “Control”, “Recover” and “Slowly Insane” are more aggressive and modern (not in a bad way) and somehow reminded me of the latest ANTHRAX stuff. “Prepare For Chaos” is my favorite song, with a fast groovy tune similar to the bands “When The Storm…” era. From the rest of the stuff I distinguished the single hit “Demolition Man”, “Snake Eye” (a song similar to “Prisoner…”) and the speed metal mayhem called “The End”, a perfect climatic finale for a great album. The guitar work is flawless and in a high level.

So is there anything wrong? Well the cover art is ridiculous. And will all respect a band that its around for 30+ years on a professional level should have hired an artist in order to make a decent cover. A simple investment in the esthetic will definitely make a difference.

Ok i am mocking with you dear reader. The cover art is indeed crappy but in a “very bad it is good” way. It brings back memories of the 90’s glory (remember Spirit Web or Jag Panzer) and since i am fan of Joe d’ Amato i have no option than love this crap to the point that i need a t-shirt with it.

To sum up, The Flots are back to reign with a great new album. Do not ignore it since its a sincere release from a die-hard band.

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