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1. Mr. Snake2. Ring of Fire3. Colours4. Dark Mermaid5. Twilight Zone6. Cassandra7. Victim of Fate8. Ghosts of Mind9. The Eternal Gate

Five years had passed since the last album of SORROWS PATH, before co-founder guitarist Kostas Salomidis who left the band for musical reasons, announced the formation of his new band, DISTORTED REFLECTION – and every doomster out there smiled and nodded with consent.

For they knew that something REALLY good will come out of this…

It only took a year and DISTORTED REFLECTION proved them to be right, releasing their first video, “Mr. Snake”, featuring Nicholas Leptos (ARRRAYAN PATH, GRAVEN SIN) on vocals.

An instant classic!

This astonishingly good song showcases the material that DISTORTED REFLECTION are made of, the kind of doom metal that Kostas Salomidis had in mind to create when joining forces with Stelios Pavlou (drums) and Vangelis Yalamas (bass, synth, backing vocals), so no wonder it was chosen to be their debut opener; true, massive, epic sound with all the old good elements of the genre!

Second track of the album, “Ring of Fire”, is no game changer but it does make a difference when compared to “Mr. Snake” for it adds some folkloric influences to chorus, a nice touch indeed.

Next song, “Colours”, is actually made of the same, intricate fabric; an epic/heavy anthem of esoteric battles fought and won, expressed beautifully in an emotional, theatrical way.

With “Dark Mermaid”, almost in the middle of the tracklist, we begin to understand the band’s vision. DISTORTED REFLECTION bring to mind the early era of SORROWS PATH, the sound played in their demo and promo tapes, but it’s not only that. They seem committed to summon the primal, dark spirit of doom metal along with epic heaviness and an interesting twist of progressiveness. “Doom Rules Eternally”; the title leaves no room for misinterpretation. Believe me when saying: that’s a promise that they kept – and the second half of the album could convince pretty much anyone!

“Twilight Zone”, the shortest song in the album, manages to bring out yet another aspect of the band’s identity, offering somewhat weird tones, as choral double guitar work develops excellently with the inspired vocal lines, all courtesy of mastermind Kostas Salomidis – one of my personal favorites.

“Cassandra” that comes next, seems to complete what “Twilight Zone” started; the intro of ghostly, vintage synth sounds together with the guitar harping, the rich, complex riffs that follow, combined with the mostly welcome guitar solo of Ross Friedman (ROSS THE BOSS, DEATH DEALER, ex-MANOWAR), create an absolutely EPIC but also ominous song – another highlight of the album.

Actually, “Cassandra” prepares us to embrace the bleakness of DOOM that we face as the album reaches its end. “Victim of Fate” and “Ghosts of Mind” are outstanding samples of gloomy epic songwriting, elegies of pain, despair and madness. Make NO mistake! These are not about easy-going melancholy and they’re not played for the weakhearted; they are bitter and they drag us into the utter blackness that leads to either annihilation or catharsis!

As it happens, we finally do see a glimpse of light, as we mercifully enter “The Eternal Gate” with the hope of salvation. Legendary Greek guitarist Giannis Drolapas (VAVOURA BAND, ex-ΜΟΥΣΙΚΕΣ ΤΑΞΙΑΡΧΙΕΣ) offers a remarkable guitar solo in this great song of pure beauty – an ideal closing of the album, the band’s second official video.

DISTORTED REFLECTION’s debut is an underground doom gem. Why do I choose the term underground? Because they didn’t use ANY kind of polish to make it more attractive, no additives to make it tastier. This is TRUE music, from the heart! Kostas Salomidis delivered an excellent work in both guitars and vocal duties -that for the first time ever he took on- while the rhythm section of Stelios Pavlou and Vangelis Yalamas is unfailing and flawless. Guest musicians give their very best, synth sound is carefully placed, and it was the famous Tomas Arfert (CANDLEMASS, KRUX) who created the logo and also took care of all the brilliant artwork.

It’s already decided by the band that they will keep a low-profile attitude, not intending to perform live nor giving audio or video interviews.

So, allow me to consider myself privileged to be chosen by our chief editor, Chris Papadakis, to review their first album.

And, yes, bands like DISTORTED REFLECTION take really good care that DOOM IS THE UNDISPUTED RULER OF ALL!

“Doom Rules Eternally” will be released on February 9th by Iron Shield Records.

Check the discussion about the album in our forum pages.

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