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1. Fortune and Glory2. Outrun Infintiy3. Grab the Sun4. Showdown5. Warden of the Wicked Road6. Take to the Skies

While I was writing these words, the video of “Outrun Infinity” came out on Cruz del Sur’s YouTube channel. It’s the second single taken from MEGA COLOSSUS’ upcoming “Showdown” album, a month after the very first release of “Fortune and Glory”.

Given that both songs are more than six minutes long, you can now listen to one third of the whole album as the tracklist consists of only six songs with total playing time of almost 38 minutes.

Why am I saying that? Because if you really listen to these two songs, you will be more than convinced that “Showdown” has nothing to do with quantity as it’s totally filled up with QUALITY! Τhe band has returned in perfect shape, full of energy and inspiration, picking up from where they left things off with their previous album. “Riptime” has been an absolutely fantastic release and it marked their change of style towards more shredding, clean and complex sound than the traditional epic heavy one they had in “HyperGlaive” and while still named COLOSSUS. With no changes in the line-up, keeping the same mindset of playing melodic power metal with originality, great sense of humor and skillful professionalism, the Americans are reaching for new heights indeed. Founding member Bill Fischer makes fun comparing the two albums saying that “Showdown is to Riptime as Temple of Doom is to Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Being enthusiasts of ’80’s fantasy themes but also devoted fans of ’70’s rock music, MEGA COLOSSUS play what they call “adventure metal” and on their fourth album this proves to be an amazing mixture of THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG and TWISTED TOWER DIRE, VAN HALEN and JUDICATOR, KANSAS and IRONFLAME. I also heard some PROTEAN SHIELD too but that’s maybe only me! The album showcases excellent twin-guitar work, riffs and solos, harmonies and melodies, all together making such a smooth and nice blend while rhythm-section constantly alternates beautiful patterns and vocals offer a full display of power and soulfulness; the compositions are revivingly exciting and there’s not an instant of dullness or indifference. Just listen to the epic finish of “Fortune and Glory”, the intricate galloping of “Outrun Infinity”, the spectacular interspersions in “Grab the Sun”, the fine art of tunefulness in “Showdown” and Warden of the Wicked Road and the classy epicness of “Take to the Skies” and you’ll certainly know why this is yet another US gem that needs to be added to your collection.

See? Six tracks can definitely do the job! Lyrically nerdy, catchy yet gutty, “Showdown” is a ONE-OF-A-KIND album that is simply freaking good!

Sean Buchanan on vocals, Bill Fischer and Chris Millard on guitars, Anthony Micale on bass and Doza Mendoza on drums made it once again: they played wholeheartedly and even where their musicianship isn’t the greatest of all, their passion kicks in, filling the gap THE BEST WAY possible!

“Showdown” will be released on January 26th by Cruz del Sur on all formats – CD, LP and digital.

Check the discussion about the album in our forum pages.

You can pre order both CD and LP here.

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