KNIGHT AND GALLOW – For Honor and Bloodshed

KNIGHT AND GALLOW – For Honor and Bloodshed
No Remorse Records
Released Year:
1. Middle Earth2. Men Of The West3. Godless4. Soul Of Cinder5. Lord Of The Sword6. God's Will7. Stormbringer's Call8. Blood Of Wolves9. Black Swordsman

KNIGHT & GALLOW is a new heavy metal band from Sacramento and For Honor and Bloodshed is its first full-length album. The band became known a couple of years ago with the Men of the West EP/Demo which included the single β€œStormbringer’s Call”. Those who have heard that material back then and liked it, will be very pleased with this debut.

What caused attention with that demo is that, even though the band members are young in age, their heavy metal was very serious and mature, having nothing to do with the ordinary β€œwe are metal-we are strong” style that many bands present. The album continues in the same spirit, so we are now dealing with a complete work with many nice tracks that a dedicated heavy metal seeker will like a lot.

The album contains all three songs from the 2020 demo, β€œMen of the West”, β€œBlood of Wolves” and β€œStormbringer’s Call” which have already passed successfully the test of quality in contemporary heavy metal. Great songs that preserve the freshness they had in 2020, and is very nice to listen to them again in a complete work. The new songs are also very good and the fans will be thrilled with the amazing β€œSoul of Cinder”, one of the bands best songs, and the epic anthem β€œLord of the Sword”. β€œGodless” is also very good and in general the band has given special attention to the melodies of the songs, as well as to the vocals of Nick Chambers who avoids exaggerations, leading to easy-listening and very interesting compositions.

For Honor and Bloodshed is a very good album of classic heavy metal which doesn’t copy the past, and presents a new band with personality and fresh ideas. The fans of that style should listen to β€œSoul of Cinder”, β€œBlood of Wolves” and the rest of the material, as KNIGHT & GALLOW will probably accompany their musical quests far beyond 2022.

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