IRON FATE – Crimson Messiah

IRON FATE – Crimson Messiah
Massacre Records
Released Year:
1. Crimson Messiah2. Malleus Maleficarum3. We Rule the Night4. Crossing Shores5. Mirage6. Strangers (In My Mind)7. Hellish Queen8. Guardians of Steel9. Saviors of the Holy Lie10. Lost Forever (Black Sabbath cover)

Eleven years ago, Germany’s IRON FATE released a superb album called “Cast in iron”. “And then there was silence” (like they say). But as they also say: “never say never”, yes the band returned back in action with a new album. Well its always a pleasure to see bands that have released one or two albums, ten or fifteen years ago,  to return out of the blue with new music. The feeling that members stayed faithful to their vision is always inducing me in checking out their new stuff.

As I mentioned IRON FATE released their debut album eleven years ago. It was a superb Heavy / Power Metal record.  “Crimson messiah” is the title of the band’s comeback album and it doesn’t actually stray off the standards that were set ten years ago: Heavy / Power Metal influenced mostly by JUDAS PRIEST (“Painkiller” era) and mainly -but not only- by the overall German Heavy / Power scene: PRIMAL FEAR, PARADOX, PARAGON, IRON SAVIOR etc.

The listener would get a dose of soaring leads and steady rhythmics, mid to fast tempo and catchy choruses. What more can anyone ask? The album kicks off with the title track, an unexpectedly thrashy tune which I’d dare to say that its not typical of the album’s sound. The lead theme creates a notoriety which is more than welcome since it reminded me of the Swedish metallers RAM.

However, the following tracks tend to be more melodic, with catchy choruses and a load of NWOBHM influences. Songs like “Mirage”, “We Rule the Night”. “Guardians of Steel” (quite cheesy, yet enjoyable) are typical of this approach while other tracks like “Malleus Maleficatum”, “Crossing Shores” or “Hellish Queen” have a more U.S. approach, in the vein of RIOT, THE RODS, ARMORED SAINT even HEIR APPARENT (minus the prog elements). There are also lots of 80’s BLACK SABBATH and DIO touches here and there, just check out “Saviors of the Holy Lie” or the magnificent 9-minute “Stranges (In my mind)” which progresses into a classic metal anthem (and there is this “Lost Forever” BLACK SABBATH cover as a bonus track on some of the album’s editions).

It really surprised me that the band sounds quite different compared to the debut. I admit that I enjoyed the album a lot. It is catchy, full of fresh ideas and the band provides a magnificent performance. Especially the vocals are stellar and passionate, and the production is powerful and clear.

With this album, IRON FATE enter the league of new generation of Classic Metal bands, check it out!


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