WHISPER KILLERS – Hard as a Rock

WHISPER KILLERS – Hard as a Rock
Released Year:
1. Hard as Rock2. Adrenalize3. Shadow Killer4. The Devil's Contract5. Into the Cage6. Angel of Death7. Ghost of Sparta8. Lizzy9. Motordeath

WHISPER KILLERS: A relatively new band from Athens, Greece, a band formed by veteran musicians such as Chris Kappas (ACHELOUS, ex-REFLECTION) and George Kasapidis (ex-LOST FATE, btw check their early 00’s album “Where Dreams… Have No End” if you are in search for some classy Power / Prog Metal). It is always a pleasant to to notice such artists still in a creative mood for music without compromising, and new albums to be added in the releases catalog of the overgrowing Greek metal scene.

WHISPER KILLERS deliver that straight-edged heavy metal with a hard rock vibe that adds a touch or roughness in the overall result and they are doing it on an excellent way.

The album starts with the massive rocker “Hard as a Rock” in which the band deploys an impressive balance between dynamics and melodies. Rough riffing, melodic solos, and catchy choruses, a formula that generally characterizes the entire album.

The following song “Adrenalize” continues into the same direction; however the following songs depict a mischievous infiltration of more modern metal elements. For example, “Into the Cage”, “Angel of Death” and “The Ghost of Sparta” are a nice blend of modern hard rock and metal, while “The Devil’s Contract” and “Motordeath” look back into more classic music themes. Should I had to compare WHISPER KILLERS with other band’s I would mention the Greek cult band MARAUDER, the Italian band ANCILLOTI, U.S. bands like THRUST, OBSESSION & TWISTED SISTER among others.

I really liked the organic production, especially the fat, hoarse but sharp guitar sound, however I would like a fuller sound in the drums. The vocals of Chris are great as always: powerful, passionate, and stellar, a genuine Metal / Rock voice.

The album’s cover is also great, I’d love to see vinyl version of it.

Overall “Whisper Killers”, is a sincere, enjoyable and filling album. Should you like this kind of metal check it out. It will please those who enjoy classic metal but also love modern twists here and there.


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