DRIFTER – Demo 2021

DRIFTER – Demo 2021
Caviar Records and Tapes
Released Year:
1. Secondhand Lady2. Death Grips3. Dead of the Night4. Hired Gun

There are plenty of bands using the name β€œDRIFTER”. In our case here, we are talking about a new band from the United States, which could easily pass for a UK band of the early 80s.

DRIFTER recorded this demo in 2021 but the tracks just now found their way to several digital platforms, as well as a physical release in cassette of 50 copies. Those who love the NWOBHM movement and the amazing feeling that heavy metal had those days, will discover a new favorite band in DRIFTER.

4 songs, one better than the other, with outstanding guitar melodies, genuine 80s heavy metal atmosphere and sound, that can leave an old-school fan speechless. Everything, from the music to the vocals, is simple and follows the nostalgic emotion that NWOBHM bands and their records had back then. It is almost impossible to believe that we are listening to a 2022 band, since DRIFTER’s demo is more like an undiscovered 7″ single from that era.

The two members of the band seem to really understand the whole point of heavy metal, and appear to be very dedicated fans. The album is full of melodies the way we first listened to them by VIRTUE, ATTACHE or MOSELLE. Truly great effort that the fans of classic 80s heavy metal will adore.


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