POWERTRYP – Midnight Marauder

POWERTRYP – Midnight Marauder
Rafchild Records
Released Year:
1. Brothers In Speed2. Doors Are Locked Now3. By My Hand4. Bastet5. Here's Control6. Chapel Of Steel7. Hotter Than Hellfire8. Out Of Ashes9. No Pride10. Nail Your Prophet (CD Bonustrack)

First full-length album for POWERTRYP, the heavy metal band from Germany, whose name was heard for the first time in 2015 with their Endless Power demo. That demo had 6 tracks, and if someone liked those songs, he will be thrilled with their Midnight Marauder debut.

Classic heavy metal full of 80s and 90s melodies, speedy parts, and amazing powerful – almost epic – vocals by Johannes Korda (he has helped ATLANTEAN KODEX with some of their live performances). All this merge into a great style for the band, where harsh heavy metal meets epic/power metal vocal melodies, leading to some outstanding metal hymns.

The albums’ opener β€œBrothers in Speed” is like a 2022 version of ANNIHILATOR’s β€œKing of the Kill”, but what follows will leave the listeners speechless with its epic tunes.

β€œDoors Are Locked Now”, β€œBy My Hand”, β€œBastet”, β€œHere’s Control” and β€œOut of Ashes” are five fantastic heavy/power anthems that are not easily written these days. Epic tracks with passionate vocals, bringing Johannes Korda in the front line of contemporary metal singers. Those who dream of a mixture of JUDAS PRIEST with OMEN, will discover some of their all-time favorite songs.

The rest of the tracks follow the speedy style of the albums’ opener, but again the melodies are too good and the vocals bring that extra epic feeling that a song needs to stand out from the vast majority of traditional heavy metal. β€œNo Pride” is perhaps the best of these songs, sounding like a modern heavy/speedy version of MANILLA ROAD.

POWERTRYP’s debut delivers a heavy metal sound the way it is supposed to be; melodic, speedy, epic and powerful. The album unites many characteristics of the 80s and 90s scenes, a great blend of JUDAS PRIEST, OMEN, MANILLA ROAD, and RIVAL that will leave the fans very satisfied.

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