LEVIATHAN – Mischief of Malcontent

LEVIATHAN – Mischief of Malcontent
Stonefellowship Records
Released Year:
1. Unfriendly to Humans2. Dark Side Down3. Rorschach Test4. Semblance of Self5. The World is Watching

So this is the third release from Colorado Prog / Power pioneers in six years. That makes an album every two years, which is quite impressive, considering the fact that LEVIATHAN do not make discount in the quality of their music: They always try to focus on the right way to express their thoughts through their songs, combining both the music itself and the lyrics. Being one of the most thoughtful bands around its no easy task and with each release, LEVIATHAN always seem to aim at a higher level.

So while their previous album “Words Waging War” was a swift towards the band’s early days, this one is returning to the form the band has constructed in “At Long Last, Progress Stopped to Follow” album and evolved in the albums to come: lengthy complex compositions that combine various influences from Prog Metal to Jazz and Fusion.

The level of music perception is wide. We can take as an example, the song “Semblance of Self” that kicks off with a classic modern Power Metal riff only to dwell into Fusion and back. And while this is a typical “Leviathan” structure for most songs the album doesn’t become dull or repetitive.


There are some straight, or should I say straighter Metal moments, like “Unfriendly to Humans” (which is the most “aggressive” song of the album) and “Dark Side Down” (a little homage to FATES WARNING) while the other tracks are into Prog Metal madness.

And, as usual the album ends with a lengthy song, this time called “The world is Watching”, complex and diverse enough, and personally I think that somehow is a “sequel” (or should I say an ending to a “trilogy”) to “Beholden to Nothing, Braver Since Then” and “Lies Are the New Normal (No Lesser of Evil)” tracks from their previous albums.

What is ever impressive with LEVIATHAN is that they do not use a pattern of some short. The songs seem to be a product of jam playing and written together with the lyrics. The music seems to be a way of expression that seems to become complete with the lyrics and the vocal melodies and all of them create a unique pensive feeling that its rare these days. You rarely come across bands that share their thoughts such way as Leviathan.

Should I had to pick a song from the album I would choose “Rorschach Test” and should I had to pick another this would be “The World is Watching” which I consider it the highest peak of the album. Both of them are excellent examples of the band’s abilities.

Should I had to complain for something, this would be the lack of a song like “Passion Above All Else” (from the “Riddles, Questions, Poetry, & Outrage” album), unfair thought since songs like these are not written on demand.

Anyways LEVIATHAN have done it again, creating an album for demanding listeners. They are one of those bands that tread a lonely path, exiled from the modern music industry. Listen to the album and don’t forget to check out the lengthy interview at Forgotten Scroll latest printed issue.

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