SLOUGH FEG – New Organon

SLOUGH FEG – New Organon
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Released Year:
1. Headhunter2. Discourse on Equality3. The Apology4. Being and Nothingness5. New Organon6. Sword of Machiavelli7. Uncanny8. Coming of Age in the Milky Way9. Exegesis / Tragic Hooligan10. The Cynic

It seems like yesterday, when I heard of SLOUGH FEG for the very first time. I was returning from high school and i picked up a copy of the Metal Invader magazine (somewhere around 1998-9). At the last page there was this column I used to read called “Temple of Power” where I first read about SLOUGH FEG. It was an instant hit. When “Twilight…” was out I picked it up immediately and I have been a die hard ever since.

And who would have guessed that 19 years later, both of us would still be around, SLOUGH FEG rocking and me being a pro loser. Anyways here is the newest album of your favorite band and life is screwy enough to have me review it.

In the most unlikely case that you are not familiar with the band, let me say that SLOUGH FEG is one of the most peculiar, original and eccentric bands around. And the new album is not a minute less weird than its predecessor “Digital Resistance”. Yet “Digital…” was more into 70’s hard rock this one is just a little bit more into metal without losing its rockish vibe.

Do not expect SLOUGH FEG to stray off their solitary path, instead they take a glimpse at the past but only for a few moments. So while you have songs like “Discourse on Equality”, “Coming of an age in the Milky Way” or “The Apology” which seem to be leftovers from “Digital Resistance” or “The Animal Spirits” you do get a couple of more twilightish or hardworldish tunes like the massive “Being and nothingness” or “Headhunter”. And alongside songs like “The New Organon” (my favorite track), “The sword of Machiavelli” with its BROCAS HELM vibe and “The Cynic” fill up the gloomiest parts of this strange mosaic. But don’t get the wrong idea, SLOUGH FEG don’t have any fillers. Each song is a weirdness of its own, a strange blend of 70’s inspiration and 80’s obscurity with elaborated, indecipherable lyrics and daring songwriting. What’s more SLOUGH FEG do have a couple of aces up their sleeve like the “Uncanny” which is a class of it’s own, a nasty 80’s obscurity.

I do confess i kinda miss the science fiction themes that where introduced by the band in “Traveller” and “Hardworlder” yet SLOUGH FEG never did any fan service. They seem oblivious of the way that will bring them commercial success and keep on releasing one albums full of quirky lyrics, song titles, themes and music. What more should i ask for?

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