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1. Stand Alone2. Only One3. Make My Day4. Never Be The Same5. Morning Song6. Daze Gone By7. Cry Of The Youth8. End Of Eternity9. Dream Song10. Make My Day (No Vocals)11. Days Gone By (No Vocals)12. he Only One (No Vocals)13. Bring Him Home

ROSETTA STONE was a band from Greenville, South Carolina, US. Their sort story was quite adventurous. They existed only for three years, managing to record a couple of amazing songs. Really amazing songs.

They founded back in 1988 and generally gone through numerous line up changes -and main place / basis changes as they moved to Rochester, NY for a sort period, returning back in Greenville and forming a stable line up in 1990-. They finally managed to record their one and only same titled demo during 1991. Unfortunately they disbanded soon after those recordings, so the demo was remained unreleased, except some tapes that were spread to some local radio stations around.

“OK the same old story” you may think. “So what is up with those Rosetta Stone?”, you may ask.

Well Arkeyn Steel Records have managed to track down the band and re-releases the complete set of their recordings, including the 1991 plus rehearsals. rough mixes and some more unreleased songs from 1990.

“And… how do they sound?”, you may continue the questions.

Well the band’s music is a great example of extremely well composed Prog / Power Metal. The marvelous songwriting, the characteristic still absolutely amazing vocals and the astonishing guitar themes are key elements in here.

Thy actually combine their MYSTIC FORCE and QUEENSRYCHE influences with the Prog classy touch of RUSH. You can take this combination as the main basis of their great Prog / Power Metal, especially if you listen carefully to the first six tracks of this release -their 1991 demo-. I would definitely pick up the “Daze Gone By” song from those 1991 sessions.

Focusing closer on their stuff and especially on those three rehearsal tracks from 1990, that are included in the re-issue you will discover some more musical treasures. Their sound becomes even more lyrical and complex. They would expand even more their guitar themes, building some really amazing song parts balancing between their Prog portrait and their Metal outfit. Listening to those rehearsals I brought into my mind this very special atmosphere that GYPSY KYSS build around their songs, and I must have made this recalling especially when I listened to the “Dream Song” track which is a little masterpiece.

“Bring him home” is another amazing song. In its acoustic form, it shapes the ideal epilogue for this release, just after the three vocal-less mixes of three songs that made it to the 1991 demo and have been added here to complete the entire existing catalog of the band’s recordings.

Without doubt the vocals of Pete Donk is the biggest trademark in here. The color of his voice, his overall vocal expression, and the absolutely catchy and amazing vocal melodies he delivers, transforms the Rosetta songs into real masterpieces. Are you looking for a brilliant mixture of Tim Lachman and Geddy Lee? Here it is.

But for me there was something more into this voice… Something that I was trying to discover from the very first time I heard Pete’s singing, as I was starting to get on his voice color. It took my a while but I finally did it:

Well in many cases Pete’s voice is sounding extremely similar to the voice of Panos Dimitriou, singer of the mighty Greek Progsters DENIAL PRICE. But if I want to be fair enough and to present you the perfect vocal match, I have to mention Panos vocal work on the debut demo of the Greek Progsters FATAL ATTRACTION. Listening those recordings I can perfectly much both the vocal color and the melancholic approaching of Pete’s and Pano’s voices. Ah yes and this FATAL ATTRACTION demo was also complete in 1991 and never officially released back on the day, as well! ps. Steel Gallery Records finally released FATAL ATTRACTIONThe Past Years Anthology 1989 – 1997 CD back on 2014, so those recordings are now available if you want to listen.

Speaking about this melancholic approaching, we can listen it on the overall music scape of Rosetta Stone, and this fact would bring into your mind bands like GARGOYLE or SCREAMER that had this special dark and mysterious touch on their music.

Well as you understand the music of this band is a real jewel. And now you got the chance to listen to it through this re issue.

As usual everything has been remastered from scratch, packed with never before seen photos, complete lyrics and biography on a release that does justice to this amazing band.

3rd June, 2019 is the official release date. You can order the album from here.

The most fabulous secrets, are engraved in Stone. Are you ready to discover them?

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