STYGIAN SHORE – Ultra Psychic Nightmares

STYGIAN SHORE – Ultra Psychic Nightmares
Golden Core
Released Year:
1. Who Is He Now?2. Crygian Stue3. Visions Of Doom4. World Wilted Wings5. Branding Iron6. Can T Get Away7. Bloodbath8. Just A Dream9. Stagnant Mist10. In The Night11. Tidal Wave, (1989 Bonus Track)12. Metal Preacher, (1989 Bonus Track)13. Immortal Soul, (1989 Bonus Track)14. The Living Dead, (1989 Bonus Track)15. Let It Go, (1989 Bonus Track)16. Chainsaw Dean, (1989 Bonus Track)17. The Shore Will Arise, (1989 Bonus Track)

There are many bands that use “Stygian” as part of their name; don’t get confused with STYGIAN FAIR, STYGIAN OATH or STYGIAN CROWN, here we are talking about STYGIAN SHORE, a legendary 80s band that released a self-titled EP in 1984 and their first album, The Shore Will Arise in 2007, the songs of which were recorded in 1989. The band is from Kansas, and specifically from Wichita, the same place where MANILLA ROAD was founded.

The Ultra Psychic Nightmares CD which we present here was recorded in 1985, and it was supposed to be the band’s first album, with Mark Shelton on the production. The album contains unreleased material from that era, plus 7 tracks which are also met in the 2007 debut, and is a great opportunity to travel back to the past and discover a hidden gem of the 80s.

STYGIAN SHORE could be described as a less epic version of MANILLA ROAD. This means simple and straight heavy metal, not too long in duration songs, and catchy guitar and vocal melodies. The 80s feeling is everywhere in this record, and the fans of MANILLA ROAD, OMEN, and SALEM’S WYCH won’t believe that they have found one more band of similar style and quality.

From the new tracks, the fans will love “Who is he Now” and “Stagnant Mist”, two fantastic classic heavy metal songs with very easy-to-remember melodies. The rest of the new material (“Branding Iron”, “Can’t Get Away”, “Bloodbath”, “Just a Dream”, etc.) has a metal/hard rock-ish vibe, perhaps a mixture of MANILLA ROAD and ANVIL.  As for the songs which were recorded in 1989 and appeared on the band’s debut, we are talking about great material; “Crygian Stue”, “World Wilted Wings”, “Tidal Wave”, “Metal Preacher”, “The Shore Will Arise” won’t leave anyone disappointed.

Overall, Ultra Psychic Nightmares is a good gift to the fans of heavy metal of the 80s. Someone who is a dedicated follower and admirer of the obscure and underground side of the 80s heavy metal, will be very pleased by STYGIAN SHORE’s new release.

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