DARK KNIGHT (US) – Dark Knight EP (1984)


Metal from the dungeons… As it should always be. DARK KNIGHT was from New York, and its only release was this self-titled EP in 1984. Bad sound (of course), but a feeling that seems almost unreachable nowadays.

The band performed classic heavy metal with many epic touches, creating its unique sound and style. The album has 4 songs that the fans of the 80s heavy metal scene will adore. But one of these songs deserves a bit more attention. “The Grass (Is Greener)” is one of the best songs written by a US heavy/epic/power metal band and a hymn that will never be forgotten by the die-hard fans.

Unfortunately, after the EP the band went inactive, but its legacy still shows us what kind of feelings a heavy metal band sould create to its listeners.


Side A
1. The Grass (Is Greener)
2. Cabin Fever
Side B
3. When All Else Fails
4. Return of the Dark Knight