SOUND OF SILENCE (GR) – Spiritual Journey (2003)


After an amazing demo (Silence of the Sound, 1991) and the famous promo-tape Unanswered Questions (1993), it took 10 years for SOUND OF SILENCE to release its first (and only one until now) album, called Spiritual Journey.

If Holy Land is Brazil’s best progressive metal album, A Sense of Change Germany’s best progressive album, then Spiritual Journey is Greece’s best progressive metal album and one of the best prog albums ever to come out of Europe. The band presents a completely unique style of melodic progressive metal offering very rejuvenating and dreamy emotions to its listeners.

All the albums’ songs are exquisit and have the feeling that progressive metal had in the 90s, so we are not talking about very technical tracks, but a combination of the melancholic and poetic additude that the bands of the 90s had. Perhaps “Nightcrime” is the band’s most progressive song, in terms of technical playing, but the track does’t lack easy-listening melodies at all. Nevertheless, the song is amazing, and one of the best tracks that this music has made.

SOUND OF SILENCE unforunately hasn’t released another album since then, but even if they decide to call it off, Spiritual Journey will always be one of the best progressive albums for all the daylight dreamers!