AMULET: Update On Second Album; Due Spring 2019


AMULET, heavy metal band from the UK, recently provided an update for their second, yet untitled, upcoming album in a recent interview for the Dissonance Productions‘ newsletter “Echoes”.

Guitarist Marek Steven said: “We’re recording the album now, not writing it. We’ve been writing it for four years! Time flies not only when you’re having fun, and it was a bit of a shock to realise that Amulet’s debut album ‘The First’ actually appeared in September 2014”.

With several line-up changes rocking the boat, things haven’t gone that smoothly in the AMULET camp over the intervening period. In fact, as bassist Sam Mackertich noted, “it’s been a long and bedraggled journey for Amulet to get to this new album recording period that we’re currently in. Replacing one band member can be a jilt, but three in succession took two years of fixing. Fortunately, it’s given us time plenty of time to work on the songs.

“Our first steps with planning this recording were somewhat tentative, and we’d been saying cowardly, unconfident phrases like ‘let’s see how it goes’ and ‘could be a demo’ up until the very day we started recording. We had planned to track one or maybe two songs and experiment with recording set-ups. But Tom Blackford (older brother of our guitarist James ‘Nippy’) is a talented engineer and he masterminded a clever organic microphone array, located in a large practice room in Stoke Newington. All the pieces fell into place and we hammered out three tracks that session, defying our humble expectations. This started and cemented the plan for the record, and for Tom as our lead engineer/producer for a beefy and stimulating second album.

AMULET fans will know some of the new album tracks already. ‘Shockwave’ has been in the live set for years and was written at the same time as the last single release. We have turned up the blasphemy to eleven on this one with romping tracks ‘The Satanist’ and ‘Gateway To Hell’ (also played live a few times) already in the bag. Generally the new material is still very AMULET -sounding but a touch more epic and varied, and with more challenging riffs and structures. As well as the tight new rhythm section, the most recent addition – the very talented Mace on vocals – guarantees violent success!

“We can’t wait to unleash this masterpiece. It’s going to be the poser crusher of 2019, and you can quote us on that!”

Source: Dissonance Productions