HAUNT: Announce New “If Icarus Could Fly” Album And “Mosaic Visions” EP [Audio]


HAUNT, heavy metal band from California, USA, announced that will be releasing a new album called “If Icarus Could Fly” in May through Shadow Kingdom Records.

The band will also be releasing an EP called “Mosaic Visions”Β  that will contain songs that were left out from the band’s debut EP “Luminous Eyes” in 2017.

“If Icarus Could Fly” Artwork and Track listing:

1. Run And Hide
2. It’s In My Hands
3. Cosmic Kiss
4. Ghosts
5. Clarion
6. Winds Of Destiny
7. If Icarus Could Fly
8. Defender

More info:Β facebook.com/hauntthenation/