TEN: Release New Video For “The Esoteric Ocean” From New Album “Illuminati”


TEN, melodic rock/metal legends from the UK, unveiled a new music video from their recent studio album called “Illuminati”, which was released on the 9th of November via Frontiers Records.

Hot on the heels of last year’s “Gothica”, TEN are returning with a new album, “Illuminati”. “Illuminatii” was produced by Gary Hughes and mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward. TEN’s longstanding professional association with Dennis has been ongoing since he mixed their 2011 album, “Stormwarning” and has always guaranteed albums with stunning sound and production.

Artwork and Track listing:

Ten - Illuminati

1. Be As You Are Forever
2. Shield Wall
3. The Esoteric Ocean
4. Jericho
5. Rosetta Stone
6. Illuminati
7. Heaven And The Holier-Than-Thou
8. Exile
9. Mephistopheles
10. Of Battles Lost And Won