CJSS – Praise the Loud (|Reissue)

CJSS – Praise the Loud (|Reissue)
Divebomb Records
Released Year:
1. Out Of Control2. Land Of The Free3. Don't Play With Fire4. Praise The Loud5. Citizen Of Hell6. Danger7. Metal Forever8. Thunder And Lightning9. The Bargain10. Sands Of Time11. There's Truth In The Fire12. How Long13. Movement QP827

“Praise The Loud” is the second album by CJSS, one of the David Chastain’s projects. The project actually did two albums during the very same year -1986- a fact proving that David Chastain was not only hyper-active during the 80’s, but also that his music was ever evolving.

Therefore -and compared to the debut– the second album was more focused on the Power / Tech side of Chastain’s music, and it consists of more complicated guitar parts.

D.C. leaves behind his classic Metal forms of the debut album, and focuses on stuff that would eventually become the main influence CHASTAIN classics like “The Voice of the Cult” or “For Those Who Dare”: riffs are sharper, leads are more technical the production is much heavier. The same goes with the vocal lines which are more modern and quite aggressive.

“Praise The Loud” is a solid and on the same time, adventurous album. Chastain does no favors here and he truly unfolds his potential: just listen to “The Bargain”, a 7 minute complex Heavy / Power / Prog song, or you can check out, my personal favorites “Land of the Free” and “Citizen of Hell”. a mid-tempo epic tune. Sure, there are catchier songs like “Danger” or “Out of Control” but they are a small minority, as for most of the stuff -while it doesn’t lack of memorability-, aggressiveness is a main feature, offered under an outstanding “on the edge” vibe.

On this Divebomb records reissue we can discover four bonus tracks, songs that couldn’t make it in the album, you must check out as soon as possible the “There is Truth in the Fire”. It can be described with just one word: “masterpiece”.

We can also discover even more interesting things on the packaging: detailed liner notes and interview with Chastain himself plus tons of info about the album.

Well what else can I write? This particular album is a testament of the bands superiority, Chastain’s talent and once again of the quality of American Power Metal. This is buy or die!

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