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1. Nemedian Chronicles2. Born on a Battlefield3. Venarium4. The Thing in the Crypt5. Tower of the Elephant6. Tigress of the Black Coast7. The Savage Sword8. Monsterslayer9. Black Lotus / The Curse of Thog10. Stygian Sons of Set11. The Song of Red Sonja12. Road of the Kings

The closest that BLIND GUARDIAN have ever been to write something based on Robert E. Howard’s literature was when Hansi Kursch sang about the adventures of Aenlin, daughter of Howard’s famous character Solomon Kane, in “Legacy of the Dark Lands” – an album credited to BLIND GUARDIAN TWILIGHT ORCHSTRA instead of BLIND GUARDIAN as Hansi Kursch was the only member of the band to participate in it.

But if you ever wished to hear a BLIND GUARDIAN’s concept album about the most emblematic of Howard’s heroes, Conan the Barbarian, know now that your wish is -nearly- granted; well, the German power metal bards haven’t brought out such a release yet but you don’t really have to wait any longer! For five guys from France, apparently enthusiasts of BLIND GUARDIAN and greatly inspired by their work, have done it – their band is called NEMEDIAN CHRONICLES and their debut is an ABSOLUTE KILLER album about the famed Cimmerian warrior, titled “The Savage Sword”.

Robert E. Howard has always been a HUGE source of inspiration for metal music.

Epic metal giants MANILLA ROAD tell his stories in “Queen of the Black Coast” and “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter”.

One of MANOWAR’s most epic songs ever written is “Riddle of Steel”.

BAL SAGOTH and IRONSWORD, DOMINE and BATTLEROAR have also paid tribute to Howard’s sword and sorcery fiction.

KEEN OF THE CROW’s one and only album is titled “Hyborea” and it’s all about Conan the Barbarian.

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting a lot more!

So, what is it that STILL gives us goosebumps hearing the following intro?

Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis 

and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, 

there was an Age undreamed of…”

We’ve heard it by HYBORIAN STEEL in “An Age Undreamed of”, by CRAFT SWORD in “Hyborian Age (Conan the Barbarian)” and by VANQUISHER in “Nemedian Chronicle”.

Now, once again, this is how “The Savage Sword” begins; in the name of Crom, IT NEVER GETS OLD – and the way that is displayed in “Nemedian Chronicles”, followed by the cinematic anthem “Born in a Battlefield”, is purely PHENOMENAL!

The first things to notice are that the voice of Alexandre Duffau (vocals, orchestral arrangements, additional guitars) is standing out immediately and that NEMEDIAN CHRONICLES must adore epic soundtracks as much as metal. The album starts with nine minutes of MAJESTIC symphonic compositions before unleashing the fury of “Venarium” and “The Thing in the Crypt”, two speed metal gems, directly bringing to mind the multi-layered songwriting of BLIND GUARDIAN.

The progressive style of the latter is more obvious in the next track, “Tower of the Elephant”, an AMAZING song, without a doubt one of the album’s highlights. In “Tigress of the Black Coast” the European metal epicness is combined with the sharpness of USA steel, as if IRON MAIDEN, HAMMERFALL and MANOWAR become one. Some Teutonic and folk metal influences appear in title-track “The Savage Sword” while “Monsterslayer” has the perfect tempo and all the crowd-chanting energy to become the band’s first hit!

And then comes Black Lotus / The Curse of Thog a long instrumental opus that showcases the remarkable musicianship skills of all NEMEDIAN CHRONICLES members – the guitar duo of David Royer and Thomas Teissedre is doing an absolutely INCREDIBLE work and Guillaume Lefebvre (bass) with Guillaume Rodriguez (drums) offer an IMPRESSIVE rhythm section. I think it’s worthy to mention that all music and lyrics is written by Guillaume Lefebvre; well done, monsieur, you did an OUTSTANDING job!

“Stygian Sons of Set” reminded me the best of HELLOWEEN and RUNNING WILD while “The Song of Red Sonja” has both the galloping force of a barbarian’s charge to battle and the melody of his mellowed heart’s longing.

Last but not least is “Road of the Kings”, a powerful, epic ballad to ideally close the album.

And the tale is still told…

“The Savage Sword” will be released on February 23rd by No Remorse Records on CD.

Check the discussion about the album in our forum pages.

You can pre order the CD here.

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