Interview with DARK QUARTERER

Dark Quarterer (IT) 2005 lineup

Gianni Nepi from the Italian masters Dark Quarterer, one of the cultest bands in the history of Heavy Metal, gives an interview to The Forgotten Scroll Webzine about the band's story throughout the years. Well relax and enjoy it as much as you can!

At first, could you please share with us the story of Dark Quarterer. When and where did you start to work as a band and which were the difficulties in Italy back in the 80’s for a band of your style?

Dark Quarterer born in 1982. Before the name of the band was “Omega R” and we played exclusively covers. During the ’80s all Italian metal bands who tried to play “true” music were not considered. So we were obliged to self-produce our first album.

After how long did you manage to make your first album, the same – titled mini LP? Tell us some things about it. Is it a concept album? I’m asking you because there weren’t any lyrics included.

After about 2 years the first compositions became real and, on 1985 we start to record our first part of album, then, on 1986 the second, in order to complete all job and to be ready for the final production. On 1987 “Dark Quarterer” was out. It’s not a concept album, as the lyrics don’t express a fixed line. Furthermore, the sounds result sometimes different as recorded by two different sound engineers. Definitively there are many influences and voices inside this album.

Where did you get your inspiration from back in those years and which were your influences according the music section?

For which is regarding lyrics we were inspired by different lines: mystics (The Entity), epic (Colossus of Argil). Our music has been influenced by all ’70 music (from Black Sabbath to Genesis).

Nowadays your mini LP is considered to be one of the rarest and most cult LPs in the history of metal. Which are your comments on this?

Yes! We know about it! And we like to be considered a cult band. We like to be different and we want to be different to the other bands, to remain the same without any compromise. We’ll never accept to play other kind of music (for commercial reasons) as we are sure this is the right way!!

After the release of “Dark Quarterer” you continued with your second release “The Etruscan Prophecy”. At the back side of the re-released LP of Metal Legion Records it is written that the Etruscan voice was recorded back in 1952 at the opening of the grave of King Porsenna. Can you tell us a little about this album in general?

We known about this legend reading a magazine specialized in Etruscan history. The voice talks about end of the earth caused by the violence of the man against himself and against the nature. When the legend says “some dark figures will come….”, we feel something inside our soul!!! This is the origin of”The Etruscan Prophecy”. The lyrics leaved the mystic line and remain epic. We started to talk about other problems (pollution, wars,) specially social problems as they represent the ill of earth. The music became definitively epic with progressive sounds (research of atmospheres and then return to strong sounds in order to have a continuous dynamic effect).

Your 3rd release, “War Tears”, came through Warner Bros in 1995. Can you give us some information about it?

Fulberto Serena leaved the band on 1990. He was the music composer, and a great guitar player too…so it was very difficult for us to continue immediately without any shock! Only after 1 year we found a new guitarist (Sandro Tersetti) and we start to think about new compositions. I started to write some melodies and new arrangement solutions.Paolo Ninci (Drums) do it too.The result was”War Tears”. Obviously something has been changed. More doom style contaminated the original epic-progressive. We consider “War Tears” a god job and some tracks are really strong (nightmare, last paradise, war tears) but we are not completely satisfied.

Last year you came back with an album called “Violence”. Tell us a few words about this album. There is a change in the line – up as Francesco Sozzi replaced Sandro Tersetti on the guitar. What led to this change and which do you think was the impact of that change on the sound of Dark Quarterer?

This album represents the true sound of “Dark Quarterer” ideas. Some songs are very complicated but we have the sensation that everything is in the right place. So all the melodies and rhythm developments and harmonies seems to be in a complete accord. Francesco is a great guitar player and is sound has been immediately adapted to the Dark Quarterer’s style. We consider “Violence” our greatest album, as for conception as for results obtained.

Lots of people have to pay enough to find your first releases (Dark Quarterer & The Etruscan Prophecy). Any possible re-releases in the future so that the newer fans can check out the band? I want also a little comment about the re-releases already done on your stuff. From where can someone buy your records?

“The Etruscan Prophecy” has been released on 2002 on vinyl and CD too. The price is abt 15 € and you can find it in many Internet catalogues all over the world. “Dark Quarterer” will be released on CD on next July attached to the Greek Magazine “True Metal” and meantime another Greek organization required us the rights to release the album on vinyl too. So you will have the possibility to buy in one month. For what is regarding all other productions (War Tears, Violence) people interested can contact us directly e-mailing to [email protected] as for any single production there are different addresses.We understood that our music is really loved in Greece so our hearts and souls are full of joy.

Can you describe us a live show of Dark Quarterer back in the 80’s? Do you remember any funny moments during a live show or during a recording session?

Dark Quarterer’ s career always proceeded slowly and full of difficulties. The music we propose is not commercial so it’s very complicated to find producers and distributors disposed to risk with our music. All live shows in ’80 has been done using exclusively our amplifications and little audio service as in Italy, at that time and in our town, the resources for the music were minimal. We conserved jealousy some videos of that age. Sometimes, when we see it, we find a strange atmosphere that will never come again. Never… You know, Dark Quarterer is a damned band…may be some bad human minds or entities are always present and try to contrast our efforts and to repress our dreams. But we are still alive and strong as never before. A lot of accidents happened during live shows or during studio recording. For example: Fire and flame invaded the studio in Milan during the recording of “The Entity” on 1986. I remember we were obliged to run away and only after some hours the situation became normal. In 1988, during the recording of “Piercing Hail” it starts to rain so strong, so strong that all the rooms of studio became like a lake. The technicians told us they never seen something like that. But is you want to know all facts incurred during these 20 years, we have to make a special interview talking about that, I suppose…

There are serious rumours for a forthcoming live show in Greece. Can you tell us anything more about it?

Yes. The organizing of “Heavy Metal Assault festival” invited us to play in Athens in next September.

Are you satisfied with the metal scene as it is today? Do you believe that there is quality in metal music nowadays? I mean there are metal bands that exist only for commercial reasons. What is your comment on this?

You say the truth!! A lot of bands base their success on commercial sounds, then, in other cases; the appearance is the key of the success. We are not satisfied about the actual situation. There are some good bands in Italy too, but these are not quite famous or considered. It’s a pity. It’s very important that magazines like yours gives space to “true music” and opens the minds of people.

It is true that the last few years Italy has engender bands such as DoomSword, Wotan, Battle Ram, Holy Martyr and Rosae Crucis that play epic metal. What is your opinion about these bands and the Italic metal scene nowadays in general?

Yes we know about them. We listen some songs about DoomSword and Wotan. It’s the right way but they have to mature their ideas in order to avoid of being obvious, expected.

Which are the band’s plans for the future?

Live shows where someone will call us. Then in autumn, new recording session. 4 tracks are quite ready to be recorded. But we have to insert new sounds, something of different, unusual, may be ethnic. May be…

Well we’ve reach to the end of this conversation. I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to talk with one of my favorite bands ever! I hope to see you on stage here in Greece in the near future. Be well and May The Lords Of Light Be With You! Please finish the interview as you wish.

We are looking for a serious Distributor in Greece for our last album: “Violence”. We are sure that Greek people will love our last job. Thank you for the space on your magazine. Thanks to all Greek friends (a lot of ) that we hope to see you in September. The Lord of Light will be forever with the man who believes in him!!!! All the best!!!!