BATTLEROAR: Teases New Song From “Codex Epicus”


BATTLEROAR, epic metal band from Greece, premiered new song from the band’s upcoming fifth album “Codex Epicus”. The song is called “We Shall Conquer” and you may find it at the band’s bandcamp.

“Codex epicus”, whichΒ we’ve recently reviewed,Β will be released in June 15th, 2018.

Artwork and Tracklist:

Battleroar - Codex Epicus

1. Awakening the Muse
2. We Shall Conquer
3. Sword of the Flame
4. Chronicles of Might
5. The Doom of Medusa
6. Palace of the Martyrs
7. Kings of Old
8. Enchanting Threnody
9. Stronghold (CD bonus track)