HITTEN – Triumph & Tragedy

HITTEN – Triumph & Tragedy
High Roller Records
Released Year:
1. Built to Rock2. Eyes Never Lie 📺3. Meant to Be Mean4. Hard Intentions (Secret Dancer) 📺5. Ride Out the Storm 📺6. Core of the Flame7. Under Your Spell8. Light Beyond the Darkness9. Something to Hide10. Triumph & Tragedy

HITTEN from Spain is not unknown to those interested in the traditional heavy metal sound. The band started in 2013, and their debut First Strike with the Devil, was a mixture of speedy heavy metal with several hard rock/rock and roll touches. These hard rock touches become even more detectable in their previous album Twist of Fate which was the first with their new singer Alex Panza.

In the fourth effort, Triumph & Tragedy, it is obvious that the band now clearly moves toward the American melodic heavy metal/hard rock sound of the late 80’s. Actually, they could be easily described as a modern version or a heavy metal version of FIREHOUSE and similar bands. This means, up-tempo melodic songs, party-like choruses, and beautiful razor-sharp metal cuts on their guitar melodies.

Some songs that stick out are “Eyes Never Lie”, “Built to Rock”, “Under Your Spell” and the speedy one “Ride Out the Storm”. Those tracks are perhaps the best part of the new album. Τhe rest of the songs are not bad, but could use a bit more work to become more memorable. There are also two ballads or ballad-like songs, “Core of the Flame” and “Something to Hide”; someone who likes the ballads of bands such as SKID ROW will probably like HITTEN’s ballads too.

The band has given some nice classic heavy metal songs during its career, such as “Wrong Side of Heaven”, “Victim of the Night”, “State of Shock” and “On the Run”, in their previous albums. This list can now be enhanced with “Eyes Never Lie”, which is a very beautiful mid-tempo song, and “Built to Rock” with some amazing guitar solos. But the rest of the album is strictly addressed to the fans of FIREHOUSE, SKID ROW, DOKKEN, LILLIAN AXE, WHITE LION and perhaps SCORPIONS, all this under a metallic point of view and up-to-date production.

In general, the new album of HITTEN is an easy-listening record with noteworthy guitar work that tries to excite someone into singing and partying, like all these glam/sleaze metal bands did in the past. If someone is a fan of that music scene, then the Triumph & Tragedy LP could be a nice choice. A traditional heavy metal fan on the other hand, will perhaps stick out a couple of songs from the new album, and listen again to the second album of the band, State of Shock, that still remains its most “traditional heavy metal” moment.

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